Transportation and Delivery

Transportation & Delivery

Mode of Transportation

The mode of transportation for vendor shipments is governed by the FPPS and by the Agreement in effect between Vendor and FleetPride. Any conflicts between packaging requirements, scheduling quantities, shipping modes and service requirements will be handled in accordance with the FleetPride Escalation Process. (See Section IV) 

Failure to follow the FPPS or use of premium modes without prior written authorization of FleetPride Supply Chain will result in immediate chargeback of the cost of the premium mode utilized. Failure to follow agreed routing instructions will result in the full cost of the shipment being charged back or returned at FleetPride's discretion. Special delivery guidelines may be provided for unique FleetPride location configurations on a case by case basis. Outlined below are specifications by mode. 

Truck. The condition and size of the carrier's equipment will permit unloading by fork or a pallet truck. The floor height of vans will not be less than 24 inches or more than 50 inches from the ground. The floor of the van will be free of holes and strong enough to support a loaded fork truck. 

Small Parcels. Shipments via ground or air deferred service will be in accordance with carrier regulations and the FleetPride Designated Carrier Program. (See Section I. B. 1) 

Air Freight/Premium Freight. Unless specified in routing instructions, shipments may be made by air or premium modes only when authorized by the receiving location who will issue a special premium freight charge purchase order (PO) number which must be referenced in all shipping documents. Without this authorization number, Vendors are subject to charge back for premium freight expense. 

Consolidation. Shipments moving in less than truckload lots can be consolidated if authorized per current routing instructions. 

Loading. The Vendor using truckload shipments is responsible for the loading of the carrier's vehicle in compliance with applicable law and best practices to avoid damaging loads. Costs relating to processing and handling damaged materials resulting from improper loading other costs from non-compliance with the FPPS will be chargeable to Vendor.


Choice of Carrier Guidelines

FleetPride Transportation Designated Carrier Program. FleetPride has established a designated carrier program to include small parcel, less-than-truckload and truckload carriers. Vendors shipping freight collect are required to use FleetPride designated carriers listed on Appendix A. Prepaid freight may be shipped using Vendor designated carriers. The use of the FleetPride designated carriers will assist in more consistent delivery and improved efficiency at the FleetPride Distribution Centers and Branches. Failure to utilize the FleetPride designated carriers for inbound freight collect shipments will result in a chargeback of the greater of the difference the effective shipping rate or 1% of the value of the shipment.

Any shipment weighing less than 250 pounds and/or containing no more than 10 cartons. Shipments that are not prepaid by the Vendor must be freight collect with the general ledger account code noted in the reference field.

Less-than-Truckload. (LTL) shipment is defined as any shipment weighing between 251 pounds and 20,000 pounds. The FleetPride Designated Carriers noted in Appendix Aprovide Origin-Destination pairing.

Truckload. Truckload shipment is defined as any shipment weighing over 20,000 pounds. All freight collect routings will be managed by the FleetPride Transportation Management team. Containers and dropped trailers should have ten calendar days free of detention charges.

Transportation Communication. Inquiries and other communications shall be made to .

Non-Preferred Carrier Freight Claims. FleetPride will not be responsible for any uncollected freight claims associated with the use of non-designated carriers (refer to Appendix A for FleetPride Designated Carriers). These freight claims will be charged back to Vendor's account together with a FleetPride administrative charge.

FedEx, UPS, Parcel Post. FleetPride will not accept "prepaid and add invoicing" on FedEx, UPS, or Parcel Post shipments. Any small package shipment should be shipped "freight collect" on the carrier specified by FleetPride (Appendix A). Small package shipments should not be insured unless the Vendor receives written direction to do so from FleetPride.

Collect Air, Expedited Shipments. FleetPride will not be responsible for payment of collect air or expedited shipments unless FleetPride has pre-approved the charges in writing prior to shipment. Vendor shall show the name of the FleetPride representative providing written authorization and the special PO number for the expedited shipment on the bill of lading. If the shipment is not properly authorized by FleetPride in writing and prior to shipment, the collect air and expedited shipment charges will be charged back against the Vendor's account.

Requirements for Timing/Number of Shipments

FleetPride Supply Chain will provide Vendor with the target number of weekly shipments and facility specific delivery timing by FleetPride location, based on demand forecasts established from time to time.

Fill Rate. FleetPride standard minimum fill rate is 95%, unless otherwise specified by agreement between FleetPride and Supplier. Lead-times shall be specified at the time an order is made and shall be used by the FleetPride Merchandising and Purchasing Teams to establish due dates on purchase orders.

Timing. Shipment timing and frequency for stocking items will remain relatively constant. Extra deliveries for non-stocking items must be made on a case by case basis. All shipments should be on time, accurate and complete per purchase orders and all purchase orders should match the packing lists provided with each shipment.

Lead Times. FleetPride will monitor shipment order fill at the item and line levels and lead-time. Failure to meet or exceed order fill and lead-times will effect a Vendor's scorecard with FleetPride and may result in reduced business to the Vendor, credits and/or chargebacks. FleetPride's expectations are 100% order fill delivered on the scheduled due date and time. Continued failure to meet or exceed lead-times and first shipment order fill could result in loss of Vendor status or discontinuance of the Vendor relationship.

Product Shortages and Damages. Vendor shall recognize and settle all merchandise accounts payable charge backs for concealed product shortages or damages within 15 days after notification by FleetPride. The FleetPride Receiving Department will accept delivery of the Vendor's product by pallet/container count, but the product count and merchandise shortages or overages will be determined as product is received into FleetPride's inventory system. Any shortages or overages of merchandise will be noted and reconciled by FleetPride and the Vendor in writing. (See Section IV)

Product Changes. Vendor shall notify the FleetPride Category Managers in writing, with a copy to the FleetPride Purchasing Department, of any product supersessions, consolidations and packaging changes a minimum of ninety (90) days prior to the next product shipment. A product shall not be canceled from orders due to consolidation, packaging changes and/or supersession, without prior written authorization from the FleetPride Category Management and Purchasing Departments. Changes in the Vendor's catalog, price sheets or noted by the Vendor on the packing slip are not acceptable notice. Any actions taken by Vendor which are not in compliance with this procedure may result in a shipment being deemed non-compliant and subject to the remedies in the FPPS or the applicable Vendor purchase agreement.

Expediting (past due and expedited orders)

1. Expedited Order. Expedited orders must be pre-approved in writing.

2. Expedited Transportation Costs. FleetPride will not be responsible for any extra expenses incurred for expedited transportation of merchandise due to late shipments by Vendor. The extra expenses incurred by FleetPride due to such late shipment will be charged back against Vendor's account.

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

1. All ASN 856 will be transmitted to FleetPride on the same day shipment leaves the vendor's dock.

2. FleetPride Distribution Center point of contact information for ASN is listed below. Branch contact information is available at:

Scheduling Delivery Appointments

1. Appointments. Appointments are taken Monday through Friday from 8AM to 3:30PM with a 24-hour minimum notice. Location receiving hours may vary. Appointment times will be confirmed prior to load tender. If the carrier misses the scheduled appointment, the carrier must reschedule for the next available time by contacting the DC or Branch Receiving directly.
a. Appointments will not be issued without a valid purchase order/number.
b. Appointment requests should be made based on the purchase order "ship to arrive" date (STA).
c. Appointment requests should be made by phone to the FleetPride DC or Branch Receiving Department.
d. The appointment "requested date" of delivery must fall within a (2) business day window before or after the STA date.
e. Appointment requests must include all POs being delivered on the truck. FleetPride DC has the discretion to refuse purchase orders not listed on the appointment request.

2. LTL Carrier Shipments.
a. LTL deliveries up to 11 pallets must be delivered by 12pm local time each business day but do not require an appointment.
b. Any LTL shipment with 12 or more pallets regardless if on multiple bills of lading requires an appointment.

3. Truck Load Carrier Shipments. Regardless of the pallet count, an appointment is required for truckload shipments.

Bill of Lading and Packing List - Document Requirements

Bill of Lading requirements

1. Merchandise Descriptions. Merchandise descriptions on all bills of lading must conform to the national motor freight classification description and class number(s) and shipping container requirements.

2. Required Information. All shipping containers, bills of lading or other receipts must show:
a. The full Vendor name followed by street address, city, state and zip code.
b. The shipper's name followed by street address, city, state and
zip code.
c. All FleetPride purchase order numbers.
d. Number of pieces/pallets and weight and dimension (place on bill of
lading only).

3. Single Daily Shipment. Vendor shall combine all shipments for any FleetPride DC and/or FleetPride Branch location on one bill of lading, provided the due date will not be affected, and make a single daily shipment to the DC. If the due date will be missed, Vendor may ship a partial shipment to assure meeting the due date. Unshipped portion must be pre-approved prior to shipment to avoid over fills.

4. Third Party Billing. When FleetPride orders material with instructions to ship to a third party and FleetPride is responsible for the freight charges, the bill of lading must clearly show the FleetPride PO relating the third party order.
Please use the following notation in the body of the bill of lading:
Send freight bill with a copy of the delivery receipt to:
FleetPride Transportation
FleetPride, Inc.
600 E. Las Colinas Blvd. Suite 400
Irving, Texas 75039

Vendor is required to provide a minimum of three (3) copies of the bill of lading to the carrier.

5. Bill of Lading Direct Shipments. Vendor will use commercially reasonable efforts to combine all orders bound for a single destination into a single shipment, reflected on one bill of lading.

6. Destination Labeling. All pieces in a shipment (i.e., pallets, cartons, drums, bags, pieces, etc.) must be clearly tagged/labeled showing their specific "ultimate" destination. (See Section III)

Invoicing and EDI

1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). FleetPride supports and encourages EDI as an interface with our Vendors using ANSI x12 standards. EDI provides a quick and economical method to exchange data such as:
a. 850: Purchase Orders. FleetPride will create the inventory order and transmit.
b. 855: PO Acknowledgements. Vendor will acknowledge receipt of order, identify any packaging, part number or cost discrepancies and estimated ship date. (Note: a reported cost difference does not represent acceptance.)
c. 856: Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). Vendor will send an advance notice of ship date plus tracking information.
d. 810: Vendor invoice. Vendor provides invoice in an electronic format.
e. 997: Functional Acknowledgement. FleetPride and Vendor will acknowledge receipt of the exchanged files.

2. FleetPride's EDI packet of information includes:
a. EDI 810 Guidelines. This 24 page document contains the detailed requirements for invoice format and structure. It is available upon request to FleetPride accounts payable department at
b. SAC table. The Standard Allowance Charge table provides a listing of acceptable miscellaneous charges such as freight, handling, environmental, surcharges, etc. They are applicable at either the order or line level.
c. Ship to Locations. This listing shows the current valid shipping addresses.

3. Invoice Requirements. The following information will be required on all EDI Invoices:
a. ONE invoice per PO, per Ship To destination
b. Purchase Order Number (Numeric)
c. Invoice Number
d. Invoice Date
e. Complete Remit to Address
f. Complete Ship to Address
g. Complete Bill to Address
h. Payment Terms
i. Quantity, Unit Price, Total Amount
j. All Special charges must be itemized separately
k. SAC charges must be in list of allowable codes

4. Reasons for EDI Invoice rejection. Any EDI invoices (810) that have any missing mandatory map requirements will be rejected at the point where FleetPride translates vendor EDI invoice. FleetPride will transmit a functional acknowledgement or 997 within 24 hours for any inbound file we receive. For invoices that are rejected due to an error or omission in a mandatory field – the acknowledgement will specify the segment that resulted in the rejection. Vendors should correct & resubmit the EDI invoice as soon as possible to reduce any delay in payment. All payment terms apply from the date of submission of a correct invoice.
Please be aware a 997 indicates receipt of a file only, it does not indicate the data was processed through FleetPride's Accounts Payable system successfully. If an EDI invoice is rejected due to an issue that does not have to do with adherence to EDI Map requirements, the Accounts Payable group will contact the Vendor with questions and clarifications.

5. Duplicate Invoices. Multiple invoices that are transmitted with the same invoice number will be rejected from FleetPride's Accounts Payable system as a duplicate invoice. If an invoice needs to be sent for additional items or charges, a new EDI invoice number must be used and transmitted.

6. Re-transmission of Invoices. If a functional acknowledgement or 997 has not been received and you need to retransmit any invoices, please email at for inquiries. Please include the Interchange Control #, Invoice number, and transmission date to be investigated in the subject line to help ensure prompt attention.
Questions regarding EDI should be directed to the EDI Coordinator,