FleetPride requires acceptable pallet/carton/case/unit packaging that can be handled multiple times, arriving at any FleetPride location undamaged and in salable condition.

A. General Packaging Concepts
1. Provides protection through distribution to the final customer.
2. Safe to handle with pallets in good condition and shrink wrapped.
3. Top surface of pallets must be flat to allow for stacking.
4. Labels are easily located, and reference FleetPride's part number from the PO.
5. Packing Slips are easily and reference FleetPride's part number from the PO.
6. "Mixed loads" are segregated using a logical system, by part number, weight, size, fragility, finish, etc.
7. Conforms to the stated guidelines for: shipments across international borders, container packing, labeling, packing slips, pallet box carton and hazardous materials specifications.

B. Container Packing
1. Parts must be consolidated into the fewest number of over-pack containers while maintaining structural integrity and minimizing possible damage.
2. When shipping multiple over-pack containers, all parts with the same part number must be loaded into the same container. Scattered and unlabeled parts are unacceptable.
3. Parts must be packed for handling according to the following:
a. All LTL and TL shipping containers and unitized loads must be palletized for handling by industrial vehicles.
b. All UPS and other parcel carrier shipments must be capable of being handled manually and/or conform to the carrier's requirements for weight and size.
c. All air shipments under 70 lbs. must be capable of being handled manually. Shipping units over 70 lbs. must be palletized for handling by industrial vehicles.
d. All parts must be adequately braced to prevent movement and concealed damage to the part or the containers.
e. Over-pack containers with mixed pieces should be packed with the heavy, large and/or high quantity items on the bottom. Light, small, fragile or low quantity items should be on the top. Corrugated sheets are to be used to separate layers of parts. Fragile items must be packaged for protection if they are shipped with heavy items.
f. If more than one part number is shipped in an over-pack container, each part number must be segregated from all others using corrugated divider sheets, unitizing boxes or partitions and each part individually labeled.

C. Pallet Requirements
Pallets will be inspected at FleetPride's receiving docks. Product delivered on pallets that are determined to be unacceptable will be restacked or reworked. Vendors will be charged back for reimbursement for labor required to correct pallet issues. As a general matter pallets should meet the U.S. specifications for type of product and industry. Non-conforming pallets may result in a rejection of a shipment.

1. Standard Pallet Specifications.
a. Measurement – 48" deep x 42" or 40" wide 4-way entry, hardwood construction.
b. Top Deck Boards – 7 boards, 5/8" to ¾" evenly spaced with 4"maximum spacing: both end boards 5 ½", other boards 3 ½". (See Appendix B)
c. Bottom Deck Boards – Both end boards and a minimum of 3 center
boards are to be the same board dimensions as top deck boards. No
loose boards. (See Appendix B)
d. Stringers – No split or broken; no double stringers or block patched
stringers; stringers 1 3/8" to 1 ¾" x 3 ½" to 3 ¾" x 48"; no protruding nails. (See Appendix B)
e. Contamination – No chemicals, grease, or other agents that could soil or
damage the product.
f. Bulk Fluids (Oil and antifreeze) must be shipped on "A" grade pallets
g. FleetPride Heavy Truck and Trailer Parts does not participate in the
CHEP Pallet program

2. Pallet Height. The following pallet heights are required:
a. For product that has a single part number per pallet the maximum pallet
height is 45 inches from floor to top of top layer.
b. For product that has mixed part numbers per pallet the maximum pallet
height is 72 inches from floor to top of top layer. Items shipped in quantities that would facilitate a single SKU 45 in. pallet must be shipped on a single pallet and not mixed.
c. For bulk chemicals the maximum pallet height is 72 inches from floor to top of top layer. (Oil and Antifreeze)
d. For unusual shaped items, including, but not limited to, pipe, exhaust equipment, vent shades, bumper guards, etc; pallet height requirements are waived. However pallets must be packed to facilitate ease of handling and to maximize trailer utilization.
e. For promotional items, one time buys, prepacks or other products that will not be stocked in FleetPride Distribution Centers, pallets will be packed to
achieve ease of handling and maximum trailer cube.

D. Hazardous Materials
1. All hazardous materials must be packaged in accordance with the US Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations and/or Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act to be accepted by FleetPride.

2. If a hazardous material is being shipped to any FleetPride location that has not received that material previously, the material shipment must be accompanied by an appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for that location.

3. FleetPride requires certain details regarding the nature of any hazardous materials to be submitted with any pricing or other production update or introduction. Additionally, FleetPride may request this data ad hoc from time to time.

4. It is the Vendor's responsibility to provide updated MSDS forms upon request, or any time a substantive change is made to the MSDS data. Please send updated forms to the appropriate FleetPride Parts Distribution Center and to the FleetPride Parts headquarters – attention Category Management.