Fan Clutch Kits

Fan Clutch Kits: Kits vs. Replacement

An alternative to replacement Kits offer you a chance to rebuild your existing at a cheaper price and allows you to upgrade to a different type of fan clutch. Variable speeds offer a smoother change in speeds vs the abrupt on/off.

Kits offered: 

1. DMA Quick Kits save time with pre-assembled components. New DM Advantage® Quick Kits are engineered to give you a faster and easier installation compared to previous generation Horton DMA Super Kits. Including pre-assembled components, this kit includes everything you need to completely rebuild fan drives:

  • Premium, double-row angular contact (DRAC) sheave bearing.
  • Long-wearing friction liner for added reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • Improved air cartridge seal.
  • Less time under the hood, more time on the road.
Fan Clutch Kits: DMA
2. Repair Kits to rebuild all Horton fan drives. To maximize DM Advantage’s performance, use Horton DM Advantage Repair Kits. Designed to rebuild the DriveMaster® to same as new, this kit handles the demanding high-torque, high-heat requirements of today’s more powerful diesels, ensuring top vehicle performance and unrivaled fuel efficiency. Kits include:

  • Fan mounting disk
  • O-ring seals
  • Clutch pack, sheave bearings
  • Friction liner
  • Air cartridge
  • Face Seal
  • Retaining rings
  • Facing screws
  • Lubricant
  • Cage nut
Fan Clutch Kits: Repair
3. Conversion Kits upgrade an on/off fan drive to 2-speed fan drive technology. Reduce noise, save fuel and increase your engine’s performance with Horton’s new
PolarForce® 2-speed conversion kit. For less than the cost of a new fan drive, a DM Advantage or DriveMaster On/Off Fan Drive can be retrofitted to 2-speed fan drive technology.

  • Improved fuel efficiency.
  • Installs easily without removing the fan drive from the engine.
  • Large viewing ports for easy evaluation of friction liner wear.
Fan Clutch Kits: Conversion