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Why OTR Clutches:

• OTR offers a complete line of NEW, MADE in the USA clutches
• OTR clutches are comparable quality with the same warranty (2-year unlimited mileage) as national branded product with more competitive pricing
• Patented cryogenically treated springs virtually eliminate disc spring failures
• Latest ceramic material delivers 10-15% more holding power vs. carbotic
• Bushings are pressed then crimped into sleeve, promoting longer bushing life
• Permanently lubed and sealed release bearing delivers longer life and less maintenance
• Patented self locking adjuster – no lock to remove or depress; just turn to adjust

Clutch Tech Tips

Clutch Wear & Repair

• WORN CROSS SHAFT BUSHINGS – Cross shaft bushings that are worn will cause thecross shafts and fork to put side thrust on the clutch release bearing.
• WORN INPUT SHAFTS – Worn splines on the input shaft can cause the discs to hang up andnot engage or release fully.
• WORN FINGERS ON FORK – Worn fingers on the fork in effect shorten the travel of the release bearings. This is often corrected by an over-adjustment of the clutch and shortens the life of the assembly.
• WORN PILOT BEARING OR TRANSMISSION BEARINGS – Wear in either of these bearingswill cause wobble and vibration, which can lead to disc spring failure.
• WORN CLUTCH BRAKE – Keep adjusted, and replace as needed.
• OUT OF SPEC FLYWHEEL – Grooved, warped, or cracked surface will lead to prematurefailure of the clutch. Flywheels not being replaced must be resurfaced, using caution to not removemore than .060″ from the surface.


Clutch Assembly Guidlines

1. Determine the size of the clutch – 14″ or 15.5″.
2. If 15.5″, measure center flywheel bore.
a. If flywheel bore is 7.125″, use an 8-spring disc
b. If flywheel bore is 8.5″, use a 10-spring disc
c. If flywheel bore is 9.75″, use a 7-spring disc (NOTE: use 9-spring disc for Mack only)
d. If flywheel bore is 9.75″, do not use organic facings.
3. Determine maximum engine torque.
4. Trucks equipped with hydraulic clutch linkage, should use self-adjust clutch as replacement NOTE: Button material is ceramic.

**WARNING: If clutch torque rating does not exceed engine torque rating, premature failure may occur and warranty will be voided**



• Two (2) years from date of installation, parts only.
• When clutch is replaced, clutch pilot bearings must be replaced, any worn release system components must be replaced and the flywheel must be resurfaced or replaced, or the warranty is void.
• Friction material is covered under this warranty only for defective material or work-manship. Normal wear and tear are excluded from coverage.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties whether express, implied or statutory, and all other liabilities (contract, tort or otherwise, including negligence) and FleetPride makes no warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose.

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