Belts & Tensioners

Engine Drive Belts: What does it do?

The serpentine or v-belt, is a rubber belt that connects the engine accessories to the engine and gives power to those components. Without this belt, the battery will not get charged and other accessories would not work. A properly fitting belt will drive performance and increase component performance.

Belt Tensioners: What does it do?

Tensioners provide vibration dampening, extending the life and performance of belts and accessories. Slipping belts will prematurely create bearing wear, cause accessories to operate improperly or simply cause shortened belt life.

TECH TIP: Best practices to get the most out of your Belts and Tensioners.

  • Belts should be inspected and changed regularly. Premature belt wear may shorten accessory life.
  • Worn tensioner creates excess belt play. Tensioners should be changes when belts are changed.
Belts & Tensioners