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What do they do?

A condenser is used to condense the refrigerant from its gaseous state to its liquid state by cooling it.

• Removes (dissipates) heat – starting the heat removal process
• R134a changes into a liquid at 120 F at a constant pressure of 170 PSI

TECH TIP: The parallel flow condenser is by far the most efficient condenser to use with R134-A refrigerant. The multi-channel construction o and multiple passes the refrigerant makes through the condenser allows maximum heat transfer. The smaller tubes and wide surface area allows the most refrigerant to come in contact with air flowing through the condenser fins.
The reasons for this efficiency is also one of its major drawbacks. These small tubes that efficiently transfer heat are so small that they trap any contaminants in the system that tries to pass through them. Flushing will not remove the trash from the condenser. This trash will create a restriction in the condenser and make the high side pressures go up. This forces the compressor to work harder and possibly fail.


If there is a situation where the system needs to be flushed, we strongly recommend changing the condenser. This will cut down on comebacks and also will help extend the life of the AC system.

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